Practice of Shibukawa Ichi-ryu jujutsu
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 1.Current schedule

day time class place
Monday 18:30-20:45 Shibukawa Ichi-ryu Jujyutsu
Oishi Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu
Nanao jyunior high


Shibukawa Ichi-ryu Jujyutsu
Oishi Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu

sports center

●… Children(13 years old or younger)  ○… Adults  
The Dojo is closed on National holidays and in the period from the end of December until the middle of January

  Persons who are over 4 years old can practice. And the elderly people who can sit in the seiza style (sitting with one's legs bent beneath one can take a lesson.
Guests are welcome to observe classes.
For more information, please contact the Headquarter

Address:1480, Miyauchi, Hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan, 738-0034.
E-mail: kanou_kan_morimoto?  (change ? to @)

 2.Tools used for practice


   For practice Shibukawa Ichi-ryu Jujutsu, these tools are required.
It is necessary for you to prepare them little by little depending on the stage of the lesson.

1. Japanese sword or imitation Japanese sword

2. Wooden sword (bokutou) with scabbard (saya)

3. Training wear used for jyujyutsu (keikogi, hakama,kakuobi, belt and tabi)

4. Rokushaku-bo (quarterstaff)

5. Sanshaku-bo(0.945 meter-long stick)

6. Han-bo(1.36 meter-long stick)

7. Two kinds of short stick

8. Jutte

9. Fundou(weight and chain)

10. Kusarigama(sickle and chain)

Before beginning lesson, please ask us where to buy. We know the best tools for practice.

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