Kan ou-kan(貫汪館)

For foreigners

 For foreigners in Japan

  We extend a warm welcome to any foreigners who would like to train at our dojo. We have experience in teaching in English as well as in Japanese. So, please do not hesitate to study Muso Shinden Eishin-ryu Iai Heiho, Oishi Shinkage-ryu kenjutsu. and Shibukawa Ichi-ryu jujutsu
  We accept eager foreigners.

 Branches         Click the branch name
 Branch  School practiced  note
Muso Shinden Eishin-ryu Iai Heiho Oishi Shinkage-ryu kenjutsu Shibukawa Ichi-ryu jujutsu
 Yokohama Yokohama city kanagawa Pref.
 Nagoya Nishi Nagoya city Aichi Pref.
 Kita Osaka   Suita city Osaka Pref.
 Kure Chuou Kure city Hiroshima Pref.
 Kurume   Kurume city Fukuoka Pref.
 Perth Australia Perth Australia
 London, U.K. London, U.K
 El Paso, U.S.A El Paso, Texas, U.S.A
Indianapolis, Indian, U.S.A

For people in foreign countries


1. To become a member of Kan ou-kan

 To be a member of Kan ou-kan, please visit us to learn during your vacation. After the practice, you can take a test. If you can get first dan (Shodan) or second dan (Nidan), you can be a group leader. If you can get third dan (Sandan) you can be a branch manager. Then you can teach in your country.
 And continuing practice, you can take higher dan examinations in Japan. Or when the number of your branch members become large, you can invite a master from Japan to your country for seminar and dan examination.
 If you want a private lesson in your country, invite our instructor, we can send a master to your country.
 Please contact us.

2. About a visit of toulists to Kan ou-kan

 We welcome visits of tourists from foreign countries. We introduce the old martial arts as the Japanese culture with pleasure. You can see our practice on our practice days. And we can introduce the old martial arts in English.
 Why don't you see old Japanese culture.
 Please contact us beforehand.

Contact us

Headquarters Address: 1480 Miyauchi hatsukaichi-city, Hiroshima, 738-0034, Japan.
Phone: +81-80-1908-0206,   In Japan : 080-1908-0206
e-mail: kanou_kan_morimoto?yahoo.co.jp  (change ? to @)

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